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The frogs are taking over the pond. To stop them, you must eat them. You are the last of your kind, Frogeater. Eat eat eat the frogs. (Win you when, mysteriously, a frog falls in love with? idk man.)

Controls: WASD to move, left and right arrow to rotate mouth.

Note: Frogeater ULTIMATE is just  Frogeater 1.0, but harder.

This game was the winner of  the 8th Orange County Tilted Game Jam.  The procdeurally generated theme was "Purge Frog". It's a 12 hr game jam hosted by the Tilted Group at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, CA. The team was Ho Choi, Bill Zwicky, and Max Clark. 

Install instructions

Download zip file. Extract to its own folder. Run the .exe file.


Frogeater 1.0.zip 14 MB
Frogeater ULTIMATE.zip 14 MB

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